Papercut is how you can print directly from your Windows, Mac, or Chromebook computer to one of Newman University's Printers.

Windows Installation:

  1. Click HERE to download the installation file.

  2. Download and install the application:

  3.  Hit Next:

  4. If your computer asks for permission to allow this app to make changes, click "yes".

  5. The Installation is complete - click "Finish".

  6. Go back to the original download link and go to "STEP 2" and click "Connect and get my printers"

  7. You should receive a popup - it is recommended you check the check box first and then click "Open PaperCut Mobility Print Client"

  8. You may see a popup at the bottom of your computer:

  9. As the bottom of the original webpage says - "When it's time to print, just print like normal!"

  10. When you go to print a document you will now see this new printer:

  11. Click print and you will be asked to sign in the first time.
    Use your Newman University Microsoft Login and password to sign in.

  12. After you click sign in and print, the document will print and you may receive a notification at the bottom

  13. All subsequent print jobs will not require you to sign in again and you can simply select the Newman University printer and print your document.