If you're having trouble logging into your Microsoft 365 account:


If you have not set up your MFA, please submit a Help Desk ticket!  

- If you want to know how to set up your Authenticator app, please click HERE:



1) Type in your NewmanU e-mail address and click, "Forgot Password"

Or you may see this as an option - so click "Can't Access your account?"

2) Follow the instructions and type in the letters, then click "NEXT" at the bottom

3) Depending on the MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) that you have selected, you can choose to either:

    - Send a text to your cell with a 1 time use code 

    - Send a call to your phone with a 1 time use code

    - Open your Authenticator app to type in your 1 time use code

4) Type in your new password and then click "Finish":

5) Congratulations!  You've reset your password!