As a Newman student, you are assigned a unique login ID:

Username: Last Name + 6-digit Student ID*

Password: Your password will be randomly generated and sent to you in a welcome email from NewmanU System Accounts with other pertinent account information. 

This username and password provides initial access to the following accounts:

  1. JetStream

  2. Google Workspace

  3. Microsoft 365

  4. On-campus computers

Note that if you change your password for one of these accounts, it does NOT automatically change the password for the others. However, Microsoft 365 and the on-campus computers password is syncronized.

*The last name in a username is limited to 14 characters. If a student’s last name results in a username of 15 or more characters, the last name will be truncated. For example, if Joanna Smith’s last name changes to Smith-Hammerstein, her new username would be smithhammerste123456.